wl660px-USDA_MyPlate_greenWhat diet is right for me?

How many ask, “what diet is right for me?” before the diet begins when wanting to weigh less.  Not only should you ask this question, you should put forth an effort to find the answer, especially with all the warnings of harmful products that have been found in some diet plans over the years.  It is hard to know how your body will react to the many various diet foods that are out there and even exercise which is crucial to having a healthy body weight.  But you know your body better than any other human whether that person is a parent, friend or even a doctor!

This site will help make it a little easier to decide when asking what diet is right for me.  Much research is needed to cover the many diet plans that are available today.  Of course, it will take some time on your part when doing your own comparison.

What diet is right for me in order to weigh less?

If you are asking what diet is right for me in order to weigh less and have a healthier body, you will need a safe method to lose the unneeded pounds.  And the safest way to lose weight is to eat healthy by eating a well balanced diet that includes the right amount of calories and fat.  And of course exercising is normally highly recommended by most professionals.  It sounds simple doesn’t it?  But it is easier said than done many times over.  We have television ads tempting us to get good looking fattening foods along with magazine ads and bill boards along the highway and interstates all doing the same thing.    You can go in a restaurant to get a light meal especially at night and find a good looking fattening dessert picture located right on the table.   And to top it off, have a waiter or waitress ask right before laying down the check for your order, “did you leave room for dessert?”.

What is a person to do?

The answer is: choose the best diet you feel is right for you, set your priorities for losing weight the safe way and fight the beast of temptation one day at a time!

Eating these types of foods (fruits and vegetables) will definitely help you be healthier and lose unwanted weight,wlFoods




AVOIDING the types of food shown below will greatly help anyone needing to lose weight.





While we here at weighless.co can’t help you close your mouth when tempted to eat too much or can’t make you go for a walk or exercise even if it is only for 15 or 20 minutes a day, we can help save you valuable time searching for the right diet that will work.

You will find very valuable information on a number of different diets out there along with links to e-books, hardbacks and other sources.  Some of the diet information will not only cause weigh loss but be actually healing for diseases, such as cancer and kidney failure.

Whether you do decide to use the free information or purchase it, hopefully you will find the answer to your most important question of “what diet is right for me?”.  Wishing you great success in your quest to weigh less for a healthier, happier you!

Tips:   Dr. Oz recommends eating popcorn as a snack and exercising 10 minutes a day on a mini trampoline for reaping healthier benefits on your quest to lose weight.    wlpopcorn-on-white-background_w725_h544